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Legal Information

"Its-Hilarious" is a term referring to our entire jokes portal as a whole. This term covers all information in all forms including pictures, text and diagrams transmitted from the service to the end user. This includes, but is not limited to, all content under the domain name "".
Its-hilarious is not responsible for incorrect information provided to the user on its service. Information is provided on an "as is" basis. Its-hilarious makes no warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, appropriateness, suitability or usability of the information presented on Its-hilarious. Use of information is provided on Its-hilariousis at the users own risk. Its-hilarious accepts no responsibility for any results that may occur directly or indirectly from the use of Information retrieved from Its-hilarious.
Its-hilarious will not under any circumstance compensate for any losses suffered, whether physically, financial or in any other form as a result to using the Its-hilarious service. Its-hilarious reserves all rights. Users outside North America are recommended to obtain information from their local government as to the lawfulness of using Its-hilarious prior to accessing.
All information transmitted from the Its-hilarious service is material protected under international copyright laws. Copying or use of this material without prior written authorization from Its-hilarious is strictly prohibited and applicable laws will be enforced to the fullest extent of the US law.
All joke material contained within Its-hilarious is i) produced by Its-hilarious ii) is submitted by Its-hilarious users or is iii) extracted from an external source. Under cases ii) and iii) it is presumed by Its-hilarious, that the material is public domain. All efforts are made to confirm they are not copyrighted material in any way. If you are the legal copyright owner of such material and we have mistakenly published the material on our Its-hilarious network, please contact us through the Contact form on the website for necessary action. Be assured every effort is made to be sure the information provided on the Its-hilarious service is as accurate and high of quality as possible.

Use of Links Policy

Its-hilarious can not be held responsible for the content of external sites our service provides links to. Links to Internet sites other then our own are provided on an "as is" basis and the content provided in them is not endorsed or controlled by Its-hilarious. Although every measure has been taken to assure the sites we link to are of the highest content quality and reliability, your use of provided links to external sites is at your own risk.
If you ever encounter any problems in terms of content quality on a site we link to, we would like to hear about it from you for future evaluation of sites we link to. This does not mean that we provide any level of warranty or support for these sites and any questions related to the site should be directed to the external sites webmaster exclusively. We also do not depend on external links for the information we provide. Its-hilarious always provides original rich content on all topics covered and only gives links as a supplement for additional product information and support from the vendor.

Advertising Links and Banners

Its-hilarious does not endorse, support or recommend any product, service or views of the companies advertised on Its-hilarious. Using an advertised address is at the User’s discretion and the user accepts full responsibility as to the consequence of this action. Although every effort has been made to assure all advertising is of a suitable quality, there is no guarantee as to their suitability
In the event banners are not displayed or link properly, or you have questions about the advertising being displayed, we invite you to contact us email. Note that Its-hilarious is funded completely by revenue generated through the display of these advertisements. Please help support our service by evaluating and using the products and services advertised at your discretion.

Use of Material

If you or your organization would like to use content found in Its-hilarious, prior written authorization from Its-hilarious is required in the process described below. The following are steps required to obtain a permit to use specified material from Its-hilarious...

1. Internet Site: Write a proposal stating the exact material you wish to use the address of the site it will be included on whether the site is personal or corporate whether revenue will be generated from it directly, indirectly or not at all the general topic of the web site.
Publication: Write a proposal stating the exact material you wish to use the name of the publication the type of publication (magazine, book, research etc) circulation of the publication whether the publication is for personal or corporation (revenue generating) and other information of relevance.
2. Submit your proposal to the email address in our Contact Us page and wait for reply, please allow up to 1 week for processing and a response. Further information may be requested of you during this time.
3. If your proposal has been denied, it is legally required that you or your organization refrains from use of the material. If your proposal has been granted, you may use the material specifically as stated in the outline sent to you.
If you are requesting to use the material in a publication, you may be required to send a copy of the publication to our company. Depending on the proposal and the material requested, there may be a requirement for a credit note to accompany the material such as "Courtesy of". Its-hilarious reserves the right to revoke permission at any time without cause. Additionally, some material is licensed to Its-hilarious for use from a third party and permission from that owner will be required as well. This policy is in place to protect the branding and image of the Its-hilarious name and is necessary to protect the copyright ownership of the content.

Content Advisory

This document describes the content of Its-hilarious. Parental guidance is recommended for users of a young age such as below 16. Its-hilarious contains jokes and other humorous material that attempts to cater to a spectrum of people, tastes and maturity. Due to the nature of such a site, the content may be deemed offensive to some.
Users of Its-hilarious may be subjected to content containing such things as...
• Jokes based on religion, geographical location, gender, sexual orientation.
• Jokes based on midgets, mentally and physically challenged people.
• Jokes based on people and celebrities in society.
• Extreme and or excessive foul language.
• Highly erotic sexual conduct and descriptions of acts.
• Slang and insults to particular parts of the human anatomy.
• Recommendations to carry out public acts that are in poor taste.
• Other topics deemed offensive by the general public.
Users of Its-hilarious, will not be subjected to any material containing...

• Racial jokes or hatred.
• Adult pornographic pictures.

Areas with the most offensive material are labeled "Dirty Jokes Part X" and "Crude Sex Jokes X". These areas contain highly questionable material that only people specifically seeking dirty jokes would find of value. This does not however exclude other sections from content of poor taste.
What If Particular Content Highly Offends Me?
We want to hear from you! Please feel free to send us feedback or write to us about what offends you at Its-hilarious. Keeping in mind however, what jokes and humor is all about. Something you may find offensive, others may find hilarious. We will always evaluate the comments we receive about appropriateness of content, it usually requires a number of feedback's from various people before material is removed. If we were to remove all the sections single users request to have taken off line, there would no longer be enough content for a site! We recommend if a particular section highly offends you to, send us a feedback form detailing your feelings, and not to use the area in question.
Although every effort has been made to make "Jokes for Kids" an area of content which is suitable for viewing by all ages, we recommend parents review the material to confirm it meets the viewing criteria required for their children's use. If you find that any of this material does not meet your standards please contact us via feedback form.
The views and subject matter expressed in the jokes and humor content of this site, are not necessarily those of the site publisher. Its-hilarious contents does not reflect any of views Its-hilarious or its employees have. Its-hilarious is intended as an entertainment only resource and does not provide any factual or instructional information to its users. Viewing and use of the content within the Its-hilarious network is at the users own risk and discretion.

If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not use this Web site
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